Remember When Life Was Eazy?

Here’s a random sneak peak at on of the latest sketches for the Thirty-Three album cover. Note that a lot of the imagery involves fire, knives, and… pretty much everything else that normally finds it’s way into my artwork. Either way…

I’m done drawing for the night, but here’s the first intro sketch…


…and the first rough.



Jenny Got Married

Here’s some shit I’ve been working on…

Jenny Got Married
I’ve been pretty excited about this new track I’ve been working on… well, it’s not really that new. I started working on it back in October, but it’s come a long way and I finally put down the initial scratch-vocal track so I can plan out how I want the lyrics to be. I went about it the same way we used to compose songs for Eat Muthafucka Eat back in the day.

The Illustration Lottery
I didn’t really win shit, but a lottery is kinda random… and so are my illustrations (that’s why I can’t stop making them.) A couple of weeks (weeks?) ago I came across a bunch of free books. I’ve been cutting them up and doing illustrations on the pages, it looks a bit like this:


This Blog
This year I’m gonna actually try and put some more work into this blog. I know I say that every year, but without any other personal sites to work on… I don’t really have any excuses. Let’s get this 2014 shit going.


Made a shit ton of pulled pork in the Crock Pot today… no more buying lunch at work for us.

When life gives you Extra Virgins, make Extra Virgin Olive Oil.