Here’s some shit I’ve been working on…

Jenny Got Married
I’ve been pretty excited about this new track I’ve been working on… well, it’s not really that new. I started working on it back in October, but it’s come a long way and I finally put down the initial scratch-vocal track so I can plan out how I want the lyrics to be. I went about it the same way we used to compose songs for Eat Muthafucka Eat back in the day.

The Illustration Lottery
I didn’t really win shit, but a lottery is kinda random… and so are my illustrations (that’s why I can’t stop making them.) A couple of weeks (weeks?) ago I came across a bunch of free books. I’ve been cutting them up and doing illustrations on the pages, it looks a bit like this:


This Blog
This year I’m gonna actually try and put some more work into this blog. I know I say that every year, but without any other personal sites to work on… I don’t really have any excuses. Let’s get this 2014 shit going.


Made a shit ton of pulled pork in the Crock Pot today… no more buying lunch at work for us.

When life gives you Extra Virgins, make Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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