Lucky Penny…

Damn, I haven’t even paid the first month of the years rent and I’m already slacking on the blog. Anyway, here’s what the fuck is up:

Email Signature
I’ve always had one at work, so it just makes sense that my personal email should also have one. I’m not really sure why I never made one in the past…

What is Lonely
As far as the book itself, I haven’t really done anything in the last week or so because I’m still reading through some other graphic novels, and waiting for some supplies to come in the mail. Supplies include:

  • Bristol Board
  • India Ink
  • Brushes
  • New Nibs

I’ve started doing some illustrations and working a bit more thought into Thirty-Three. I don’t want it to be the last minute throw-together that I usually put out. So, I’ve been trying to recall past situations and such… hopefully I can bring it all together in a super random way that at least I like. Especially since my half-birthday was a couple days ago… time is running out.

In Conlusion
I’m done with this post, I’ll put up an illustration in a couple minutes. Later crocodiles.

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