The Nuns of Yore… Update

So… seeing as how it’s almost 2 o’clock on day one of the Nuns of Yore metal project… it seems fitting to give a bit of an update. My original plan was to do 2 tracks… but after conversing with some friends at work about it, and as the project began to progress, I realised that my theme may warrant a couple more tracks. As of now, I have the intro track, Straight Outta Convents, finished and ready for mixing. The second song (currently titled Psalm 187) is also progressing rather well, but as for heavy metal soloing… yeah, I’m pretty terrible. So, I’m going to have to do some “know your weakness” type of rearranging so that the track still works. Vocals are still scat (or scratch tracks as we always liked to call it).

Which brings us to track 3, Rule of the Spear, the most complete of the new songs. It’s actually about a true event… still being argued in court, where a priest allegedly killed a nun 23 years ago. The title comes from the first name of the priest, Gerald, which originates in the German language… meaning rule of the spear. That being said, I think it’s a good time to mention the theme of the album. I’m using priests and nuns as rival gangs… imagine that craziness. Drive by’s on churches performed by holy figures… people are people, you never know when crazy can erupt.

For track 4 I’m thinking of bringing in the classic Flowers for the Woman Who Got Hit On… By a Vehicle… seeing as how it never fit on a PUE, or KTPD album. I think I may rename it though… not sure… I really like that title. Oh, and yes, it will remain instrumental. It might, however, contain different samples and become longer. Then there is track 5… as of yet is untitled. It’s got a great soaring riff though.

I also redesigned the logo… check-ch-check-check check-ch-check it out…

Adobe Illustrator CS3_Newspaper-Scans_001


Working, Working… Working.

Ok, so… here’s a list of randomness that I’ve been working on, old school posting, BOOM! So here’s what’s up…

A Graphic Novel about Lonliness
I’m working on this with my friend Hans, I’m super into the story, but I’m not sure if I have the skills to make it look the way it should… anyway, we’ll see how it goes… I totally plan on making this happen. It’ll be super cool just to have done it in the end. I know it will be amazing no matter how I feel about my work in it. I am my worst critic by the way… here’s a super early sample:


The Nuns of Yore
I really wanted to do a Black Metal music project… just as a break from punk rock. I don’t really listen to much metal… I mean, I love Cradle of Filth, Slayer, Lamb of God, and a bunch of other metal bands that don’t have the same notoriety… I just don’t think that I have the gusto to write a non punk album (it’s really just a 2 song EP) that holds true to the metal that I love. By the way, I’m giving myself a 2 day window to research, write and record the whole thing. Let’s see what Thursday night looks like.

Harley Dealership Ads
Yep… that’s all I’m gonna say, I love making them… I don’t want to fuck with any copyrights though.

What the fuck?!?! …yeah… I’m going to start reading again, or at least just looking at the images in graphic novels and how they are illustrated. Bam! Wrapped it around to the first part of the post… ok, anyway… back to creating some new forms for my admin shift tomorrow. Later crocodiles…


Meanwhile… in Wood Shop

So… I thought of this a while ago, and finally got around to actually doing a demo sketch. It’s a start at a one frame comic, but I’m not sure if it totally grasps the full humor of the situation yet. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing a few more sketches sometime soon. Anyway, here it is…


I could definitely redraw the whole right side of this… but that’ll be for later.


So… I Know I’ve Been Wondering

As promised, I’m trying to keep up on the blog. Here’s what’s been up in the world… yesterday (anticipating my day off today, and bored by new years shenanigans) I drank a bunch of beer and gin, shaved my beard, cut my hair, wrote a blog (that I didn’t post,) and wrote a song. Karen and I had decided on the title a couple weeks ago. It’s called When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again? …I think we just really wanted a song with that title, the song itself didn’t really matter, but in keeping with this weird new style of song writing, I present the sixth (it was a busy day of rerecording) demo version of…

Kids That Play Dead – When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again?

Perhaps when it’s finished (or if people actually listen to it,) I’ll post some of the more early demos.


The Final Hour

I don’t really ever recall staying up super late on New Years partying to see the ball drop. Sure I’ve done it a few times… when I was younger, like high school age maybe. I remember staying up so that I could reset my watch with the “master clock” and therefore be on time for the rest of the year. Soon after came college, and it was all about getting fucked up beyond recognition… maybe try and get a New Years kiss from a young lady. These nights, especially near the end of my college career, ended in me blacking out some time after 10:00PM and researching my cell phone the next day to see if I even stayed awake passed midnight.

In recent years I’ve seen the change of a year like the rollover on a cars odometer… or maybe more like a time stamp that a notary would place on something that you did, verifying that it was completed by a certain date. Nothing really changes in your day to day life… I used to make up resolutions, but let’s face it… I really like to smoke cigarettes and drink beer. I don’t see myself stopping because some lame annual holiday happened again. Recently, I’ve enjoyed trying to write one last song of the year. Usually it ends up being a song that I end up working on until 2:00AM… so maybe it’s actually the first song of the new year. Whatever. It’s usually a song about resolution, countdown or change… but it’s still always fun and motivating to give yourself such a constrained time limit.

Anyway, this year I had been toying with the idea of doing something, and at around 10:56PM I went outside for a cigarette and got the idea for a musical progression in my mind. Recorded all the guitar, bass, drum samples and vocals before the countdown… then spent another 20 minutes trying to make a composition out of it without actually rerecording anything. That being said, this doesn’t sound anything like anything I’ve done in years, it’s actually a lot closer to something I might have done when I was 15… it’s got a bit of Sonic Youth influence if you ask me, not too bad for 2 hours from concept to demo. Anyway, here it goes… Happy New Year.

Kids That Play Dead – The Final Hour