The Nuns of Yore… Update

So… seeing as how it’s almost 2 o’clock on day one of the Nuns of Yore metal project… it seems fitting to give a bit of an update. My original plan was to do 2 tracks… but after conversing with some friends at work about it, and as the project began to progress, I realised that my theme may warrant a couple more tracks. As of now, I have the intro track, Straight Outta Convents, finished and ready for mixing. The second song (currently titled Psalm 187) is also progressing rather well, but as for heavy metal soloing… yeah, I’m pretty terrible. So, I’m going to have to do some “know your weakness” type of rearranging so that the track still works. Vocals are still scat (or scratch tracks as we always liked to call it).

Which brings us to track 3, Rule of the Spear, the most complete of the new songs. It’s actually about a true event… still being argued in court, where a priest allegedly killed a nun 23 years ago. The title comes from the first name of the priest, Gerald, which originates in the German language… meaning rule of the spear. That being said, I think it’s a good time to mention the theme of the album. I’m using priests and nuns as rival gangs… imagine that craziness. Drive by’s on churches performed by holy figures… people are people, you never know when crazy can erupt.

For track 4 I’m thinking of bringing in the classic Flowers for the Woman Who Got Hit On… By a Vehicle… seeing as how it never fit on a PUE, or KTPD album. I think I may rename it though… not sure… I really like that title. Oh, and yes, it will remain instrumental. It might, however, contain different samples and become longer. Then there is track 5… as of yet is untitled. It’s got a great soaring riff though.

I also redesigned the logo… check-ch-check-check check-ch-check it out…

Adobe Illustrator CS3_Newspaper-Scans_001

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