Lameness Ensues

Who the fuck knows if that’s spelled right… anyways… isn’t a word, but here’s what’s up:

  • Got a package from Blick… awesome ink/nib/bristol combo… I drew some good shit, I’ll post stuff as soon as I can get a copy that’s small enough to scan -or- a scanner that’s big enough to copy.
  • About to settle up an overdue debt I’ve had for a while… because I’m broke… it’s my gimmick.
    (P.S. – settling debts is totally against this, but I need to get something in order… Thirty-Three isn’t all about being a broke-ass.)
  • Ordered a drawing table from Blick… fuck to the yes. I’m pretty excited about having a table to draw at… I wanted to take a picture of my current desk (so that people could see that there was no room to draw.) Anyway, drawing desk is go.
  • Already composing a good list of on sale fonts that I’m all over… there goes next weeks check. Any feedback?
    • Streetscript Redux – beautiful looking handletter style. I can think of a million places to use it…
    • Castor – This is going to mix well with Harley ads…
    • Cabrito – This is going to give Verb a run for its money… not totally, but it’ll still work in different situations.
    • Brush Up – I love this… it’s so… textureless? It looks so good on a multitude of textures… even though it’s short on alternates (especially for the price.) It still looks really good, and I can think of a ton of uses…

Ok, sleepytime.


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