So, I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends about the whole “adult swim” thing Fox has been doing on Saturday nights at 11:00. Seeing as how it’s Saturday at 11:00, I think I’ll post a couple videos related to it…

Golan the Insatiable is probably my favorite… it’s pretty awesome, and definitely has the ability to compete with a lot of other shows in the old school adult swim line-up.

Lucas Bros. Moving Company, is pretty funny… it’s not quite there yet, but each episode just keeps getting better and better. It’s still an amazing show, definitely pretty strange. Plus it has a lot of awesome 90’s references, black people and white cats.

That’s all I have to say for now, I’m taking the night off of drawing.


Lameness Ensues

Who the fuck knows if that’s spelled right… anyways… isn’t a word, but here’s what’s up:

  • Got a package from Blick… awesome ink/nib/bristol combo… I drew some good shit, I’ll post stuff as soon as I can get a copy that’s small enough to scan -or- a scanner that’s big enough to copy.
  • About to settle up an overdue debt I’ve had for a while… because I’m broke… it’s my gimmick.
    (P.S. – settling debts is totally against this, but I need to get something in order… Thirty-Three isn’t all about being a broke-ass.)
  • Ordered a drawing table from Blick… fuck to the yes. I’m pretty excited about having a table to draw at… I wanted to take a picture of my current desk (so that people could see that there was no room to draw.) Anyway, drawing desk is go.
  • Already composing a good list of on sale fonts that I’m all over… there goes next weeks check. Any feedback?
    • Streetscript Redux – beautiful looking handletter style. I can think of a million places to use it…
    • Castor – This is going to mix well with Harley ads…
    • Cabrito – This is going to give Verb a run for its money… not totally, but it’ll still work in different situations.
    • Brush Up – I love this… it’s so… textureless? It looks so good on a multitude of textures… even though it’s short on alternates (especially for the price.) It still looks really good, and I can think of a ton of uses…

Ok, sleepytime.