I Want to Thank the Academy

…sometimes… I just want to throw this Mason Jar (probably copyright) full of Schlitz (definitely copyright) at the fucking wall.

So, I’m planning on buying a Mac Mini (stick your finger in a copyright) because eventhough a bunch of blogging tard-core monkey shiners call it an entry level mac (seriously?!?). I’ve checked out the specs, and…  it’s pretty much an iMac, only you don’t have to spend that extra $1000 on a monitor. You can buy a flat screen TV instead… or maybe I’ll mod it to my old dying intel iMac (which IS the last good thing Apple did.)  Sorry, but, phuck your iFone… I’m into quality… not rabid capitalism.

Seeing as how I’m a computer nerd, and a G.D.G.D. (Goddamn Graphic Designer!) I think I can figure out how to configure my files to be print ready, no mater what P.O.S. monitor I’m using. That’s why I killed my credit with an industry standard printer.

P.S. – I’m gonna use the money I save to pick up a large format scanner. I think it should help with the graphic novel I’m working on, among other random projects. Plus, fuck OS X for stopping Twain support after 10.5. Not cool.

P.S.S. – I love my iMac, but I hear the life span on NVIDIA iBooks is 3 years, and… no thanks. Go back to ATA.

Gimmie a couple months before you start to see new illustration work… I’m on a budget, and ready for cloud.