Fuck With Dre Day

Why make resolutions when you’re this lazy. Oddly, there were 2 things I really wanted to do this year…

  1. Make an album. I had a part of a concept, I knew what I wanted it to be called… and had a group of songs that I was working on. Then my computer died. When I got a new computer, it seems that Garageband had been updated so much that none of my files were of much use. I guess it’s OK that I put out a rough demo… (here) …but I never really finished it.
  2. Write a book… well, not a novel or anything like that. I don’t really read enough. I started my book of random though, and I completely redid the cashiers code book this year.

Maybe I did do everything I wanted to… I just feel very unaccomplished. Maybe I’ll get back to the whole website thing. I should just celebrate the fact that everything I do is pretty random. Deal with… I have to.