It Gets Better

Took yesterday off writing and drawing, I don’t think I’ll do that again…. but it was a long workday. Open to close. I didn’t get home until super late and I was exhausted. Now I’ve got a bunch of errands to run before I put in the time of another pretty long workday. One day, I will hopefully not need all of this. One day..l


Total Eclipse of the Indonesian Sun

So, I just tuned in to watch the live webcast of the eclipse on Slooh. I’m actually pretty excited that they are doing a webcast about this because I was reading about it earlier today and thinking that it would be cool to see. While the broadcast is happening, I’m going to do a little drawing and try to keep myself occupied on a new idea I have. Basically, it’s just a new Instagram account for weird horror drawings that I’ve been kinda into recently. Most of them work fine on my page, but I just wanted to set something up that’s a little more consistent in its flow, and not on my personal feed. 

It’s gonna get bloody.



Pizza and a Beer

Well, it’s one of those things where you don’t really feel like writing, but it’s actually great because I can just dictate it… And Siri will write it. So let’s see, I’ve been pretty into Dustin Lees podcast lately. About to download and watch the video, I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m happy to start looking at my my work from a different angle.

Got a little bit of stuff done on the Scooby Doo comic quotes for now. I really like the direction it’s headed. Genevieve is a really great writing partner, one day I’ll be that good. I think I’m gonna do some more of the horror film characters like I did with Freddy Krueger the other day. I really The idea of the banner underneath the staining some random name and the character themselves and they are sort of teetering on that edge of cartoony but not too cartoony. Anyway I can think of a bunch more that I would like to do and I think there might be a niche for it so. That’s what’s up.

OK so where it’s at now I’m sorry that I dictated this blog entry. Period. Space but. But I’m pretty excited to listen to the podcast now and will see if I have anything that will go anywhere. Wish me luck me because I don’t think anybody else looks of this…


Evil Dead.

All. Fucking. Day. 

Apparently there’s a television show of it. I binge background noises it today and put in some mad work on my new portfolio website. So far it just has glitch art up on it, but I’ve also been feverishly drawing in this sketchbook working out ideas of something that people might want…. trying to find that one special skill that I have that I can put up on the Internet and people will look at it and say… “Yes, I will totally give this jerk $5.”

I’ve been drawing some knife cats, and working on some new illustrations to bring back the old Albatross tumblr. That’s right, more 3 frame nonsense just like the newspaper used to make. Also, I’ve been thinking of drawing some monsters, I’ve got a couple of different random styles and I’d really just like to push my work to the next level. Not just in people seeing it, but also in the quality of work I’m putting out…. that being said, a lot of what I’m going to be putting out is probably going to look a lot different than things that I have drawn in the past. Maybe not though… shrug. See you tomorrow. 🍕⏲



Who Framed Roger Rabbit (the blog)

So, today I made a deal with my self to try and write in my blog for ten minutes a day. Not only that, but I also made a promise to try and keep up on my tumblr. Don’t worry, it’ll probably never happen but I set an annoying alarm on my phone so that it’ll keep on my ass. Anyway, here’s what’s up…

I’ve been working on my portfolio website the last couple of days and listening to podcasts while I’ve been doing it. Everything is basically telling me things I already knew. Stop thinking about what to do… and just do it. Nothing is going to ultimately matter if it just sits on the shelf all day, so here I go (again) to try and actually do something public. I work constantly, so it’s only fair that I actually try and keep it in the public eye. 

Also, this should be a good chance to try and improve my writing, even though I’m not proof reading or anything… just writing from the cuff. That’s a phrase, right? Anyway, tonight is sciFi Saturday, so there’s a lot going on. I’m about to take a nap and try to digest some of all this info I’ve consumed today. 
….if I can stay on this same track, my blog posts will probably start to be a lot less random in the near future…. where he world will probably look a bit more like this…