Evil Dead.

All. Fucking. Day. 

Apparently there’s a television show of it. I binge background noises it today and put in some mad work on my new portfolio website. So far it just has glitch art up on it, but I’ve also been feverishly drawing in this sketchbook working out ideas of something that people might want…. trying to find that one special skill that I have that I can put up on the Internet and people will look at it and say… “Yes, I will totally give this jerk $5.”

I’ve been drawing some knife cats, and working on some new illustrations to bring back the old Albatross tumblr. That’s right, more 3 frame nonsense just like the newspaper used to make. Also, I’ve been thinking of drawing some monsters, I’ve got a couple of different random styles and I’d really just like to push my work to the next level. Not just in people seeing it, but also in the quality of work I’m putting out…. that being said, a lot of what I’m going to be putting out is probably going to look a lot different than things that I have drawn in the past. Maybe not though… shrug. See you tomorrow. 🍕⏲


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