Pizza and a Beer

Well, it’s one of those things where you don’t really feel like writing, but it’s actually great because I can just dictate it… And Siri will write it. So let’s see, I’ve been pretty into Dustin Lees podcast lately. About to download and watch the video, I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m happy to start looking at my my work from a different angle.

Got a little bit of stuff done on the Scooby Doo comic quotes for now. I really like the direction it’s headed. Genevieve is a really great writing partner, one day I’ll be that good. I think I’m gonna do some more of the horror film characters like I did with Freddy Krueger the other day. I really The idea of the banner underneath the staining some random name and the character themselves and they are sort of teetering on that edge of cartoony but not too cartoony. Anyway I can think of a bunch more that I would like to do and I think there might be a niche for it so. That’s what’s up.

OK so where it’s at now I’m sorry that I dictated this blog entry. Period. Space but. But I’m pretty excited to listen to the podcast now and will see if I have anything that will go anywhere. Wish me luck me because I don’t think anybody else looks of this…

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