New Chair Day

“I’m very excited to spin in the new chair.” —Genevieve

I’ve always had dumpster dive chairs for my computer desk at home. They’re -ish, and always break within a year. Then one day I came across the most amazing chair I’d ever found, and It took years to break …but when it finally did, the most amazing thing happened.

Can I Use This Chair?

I first discovered the chair going out for a cigarette one evening before bed. There was a slight drizzle, and I noticed it by the light of the porch; sitting at the curb of a neighboring apartment stoop. I’d never seen a chair that color or shape before, I instantly had to have it…

“It effin matches my Ikea end table!”

I sat in it for a bit, admiring the way it reclined. I pushed the wheels with my feet only to notice that it would return to center instead of spinning in circles like the lost soul that it was…

“It’s so clean, why would anyone in their right mind throw this away?!? …it’s perfect.”

Next thing I know, I’m attempting to pull this obsession up the narrow staircase to my apartment.

…all forty plus pounds of it…

The chair at the first apartment.

I would refer to it as my $400 chair. Originally, I had planned on using it for my drawing table, but it quickly graduated to computer chair status. I would relinquish to people the story of how I came upon it, and they would awe in the wonder of it’s greatness. Offering to take it off my hands had I ever grown tired of it, as if that were some sort of logical possibility. We had been through multiple clients, projects and apartments, ultimately transitioning into the house I live in today. Then, all of a sudden, whilst adjusting the seat in preparation for a new project, the back gave way…

…and that…

…my friends, was a dark…









New Comics Day 8/30

So, today the comics I’m coming home with are a bunch of really great issues of really amazing things I’m not going to read any time soon. All three of the books are on their second story arc, and I plan on doing their “second season” Netflix style. (Sorry in advance for the lack of review, imagination and storytelling.)

New Comics 0830

Rebels: These Free & Independent States #6

First up is Rebels, and I’m pretty sure this story is supposed to finish up in about two issues. The first arc was amazing, I’ve referred to it as “fake history” in the sense that it reads like fictional stories involving factual characters. I remember getting super into the first issues, and I’ve just been hooked from the beginning. Even though it’s a little more wordy than comics I typically read, I am really excited to get into this arc in another month or so.

Lady Killer 2 #5

Joëlle Jones did an amazing job with the first five part series, the artwork and story are all amazing. We even have a couple prints that we picked up at Boston Comic Con a couple years back that she did as promotional ads for the story. It’s got a retro vibe, a hitwoman/murder vibe, and a fun plot that sort of reminds me of Mad Men at times.

Black Magick #7

I heard a rumor that this series got picked up as a television show, then it sort of disappeared. So, I was happy with the first five issues… but, then when I saw that it was coming back, I literally bought it. The series, in case anyone hasn’t read it, is about a police officer who is a practicing witch with a lot of powers… if I remember correctly, there’s (spoiler alert) a murder in the witch community, and the killer is trying to out our heroine. How will this next chapter play out?

Sorry for such a poor introductory volume of New Comics Day, hopefully next time I’ll get a little time to actually read one… that’s doubtful though. It may take me until winter when I go on my comics bender.


It Came From the Bins 08/29

This week at the bins, I found a couple books of CD’s…

Misfits, AFI

…which are pretty worthless these days, but it’s not always about the money when it comes to picking. So, let’s talk about the nostalgia of compilations, weird music listening habits, and stupid things I think are cool for whatever reason… Sometimes the things that I never would have expected to have any value to me end up having some kind of worth when I stumble upon them in a different light.

2PacWhy I like CD’s

In this digital age I’ve tried over time to keep a decent record of everything I listen to online. I find it interesting to see what I was listening to heavily a few months back as well as what I may have been listening to a few years back. It’s also neat to see how much time I spent listening to music, or making music on certain days of the week. I was pretty addicted to the first time I saw the site, but it’s also good to have some guilty pleasures… and can’t track my CD player (or my record player for that matter.) So, bring on the garbage music…

Phantom Planet, Birdman

New Music Challenge

Over the years I’ve challenged myself to expand what I listen to by finding new music through unconventional means. This was another aspect of that I loved… and now the way I use Spotify. There have been a few other New Music Challenges over the years, but the most recent one involves the bins, and works a bit like this…

When I find CD’s (or records,) I just grab them indiscriminately, then I force myself to listen to them. All of them (…at least once.) In addition, I have a rule that I only allow found CD’s in my car. Nothing that I’ve paid new prices for… I feel like CD’s in the car usually get messed up or broken, so it’s a pretty good rule to have only CD’s that we’re extremely cheap be allowed to ride shotgun.

So here’s some interesting stuff that I found in my most recent trip to the bins…

Incubus – the album they came out with after S.C.I.E.N.C.E. that I (for some reason) always refer to as Pardon Me
Boo-Tay – This is a compilation, that may as well be a 2 Live Crew album. It does, however, have Hip Hop Hooray, which makes it amazing.
Poison the Well – I used to listen to these guys for a bit, here and there, back in the day… never got too into them, but this is the 2nd one of their albums I’ve found whilst picking, and I gotta say… I don’t know the names of any of it, but this is some good -ish.
Norma Jean – The cover is black on black, just like the music… the only thing I don’t like is 13 minutes into track 5. I’m wondering why any of these tracks needs to exceed 3-5 minutes.



Truck Wrap

Got the first truck wrap done today for K.L.Jack. This is the third one of these I’ve ever designed, but it’s been a long time since the old Fun Bus days at the Russell Industrial Center… and boy, have I come a long way as a designer. Not that this was easy, by any means. There were a lot of versions and revisions, but I’m happy to say that I think the final product looks pretty effin‘ good.

My boss took these pictures, and the wrap was done by M&H Signs in Westbrook, Maine. Check this –ish out…

Ford F-150 Truck Wrap Ford F-150 Truck Wrap

Notice the faint illustrations of fasteners in the red. You don’t see them from a distance, or when the truck is moving, but when you get up close you notice them. It’s like a little additional wow factor that the viewer gets when they’re by the truck. You’re welcome.

Ford F-150 Truck Wrap Ford F-150 Truck Wrap

I wasn’t fully on board with putting a graphic on the hood, but looking at the finished product… I like the way it came out. It’s not too flat, and that was one of the things I was worried about. I think it adds a little more shape to the hood, and I like that it’s fairly minimal.

The rest of the photos are just some shots of the vehicle from other angles, and yes that is Han Solo frozen in carbonite (bottom left.)

Ford F-150 Truck Wrap Ford F-150 Truck Wrap Ford F-150 Truck Wrap Ford F-150 Truck Wrap

” He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.”

One down, next week we wrap a box truck.



Fantastic Newness

I’m pretty sure I’ve used this title once before, but Fantastic Newness is just a great way to describe some of what’s been going on behind the scenes. Also, it’s a great summary episode from Mr. Show. So, lets do a little rundown of what’s been happening lately, and what better place to start than…

This Website

I’ve decided to just treat this like the blog I’ve been avoiding for the last few years (decades…?) It is what it is, right?!? I mean, every once in a while I:

  • log in…
  • write a post about whatever it is I’m currently working on…
  • promptly stop working on it…
  • do something else for a couple years…
  • go back and look at how long I’ve been putting off whatever I posted about…
  • get depressed about never getting anything done…


It’s pretty much a loop, and I’m not making any false promises to change that anytime soon just because I’ve made two blog posts in the last month. All I’m saying is that I’m going to write… or post… or whatever you want to call it… whenever I damn well feel like it. It’s my blog, so it should be sporadic and random. Nothing new for trash like you.

As for what I plan to do with it, or what it becomes… I really don’t care. I’ve got a lot of other random things that I’d like to work on, but I don’t want to talk about any of them right now. We’ll let the future speak for itself. Also, I’ve been reading up on how to make my blog work better as a blog… that’s why shit has gotten so wordy… and it seems that people want you to use the same words a lot. Normally, that would make sense if I were talking about the 10 Hot Celebrity Summer Butts, but we’re talkin’ Fantastic Newness, Fantastic Newness, Fantastic Newness. Get ready for some random, and thanks for visiting.



New Music Friday 8/25

This week I was awestruck by a pleasant surprise on New Music Friday.

New Quicksand

Holy Shit! There’s a new Quicksand album coming out November 10th.

New Music from Quicksand

About a month ago, Genevieve and I went down to Boston to see the Melvins, and noticed that Quicksand was going to be coming through in September. As awesome as that would be (have been?) it was kind of exhausting driving into the city, and we’d gone in 3 or 4 times that week. So, we decided to pass. Either way, today on Spotify, they “dropped” the first song, Illuminant, from the new album… it’s already got over 18K plays, and the Boston show is sold out.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this song yet, but I have no doubt that the album (upon it’s release) will be nothing short of greatness. I’ve been a Quicksand fan for quite some time now, and it’s nice to hear something new from the band that has introduced me to so many new people over the years.

My pre-order for this long-awaited release has been reserved.

Random Highlights

Ayokay feat. Baker Grace – Too Young (youtube)
This track has all the clichés of what makes me think of what “new” sounds like…

  • soft voiced female lead
  • repetetive chorus
  • overstating the word young
  • blaming a lack of motivation on everything but yourself

Then it does that stupid scratchy-glitch thing with the vocal track, and after it ends (for some weird reason) the algorithm plays a Nerf Herder song (shrug) I’ve never liked that band, but I thought that was interesting. Either way, something about this track made me feel like it was to overall winner for the day.

You can find this track, along with a bunch of other garbage, in my Garbage Playlist on Spotify.


$7 Mighty Ducks DVD

So, one day I was out picking… like ya do… and I came across this copy of the Mighty Ducks on VHS. By the way, no story should ever start like this. Anyway, as it goes, I found the sequel on DVD a couple weeks later… and being the American Dad fan that I am decided to go for a Mighty Ducks marathon… (Emilioooooo!!) So, about halfway through the first movie, Genevieve ask me if I got the third one…

“They made a third one?!?” I know there’s a hockey team and all… I mean… c’mon, Violent Gentlemen.

The Mighty Ducks

I remember seeing the first one in the theater when I was a kid, maybe it was the drive-in? Not that any of that really matters, I totally forgot that Little Pete (from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) was in it. An amazing surprise. Then there was the starring kid, Charlie, who kind of looks like the kid from Love Actually. I’m not really sure why he keeps trying too hook his mom up with Emilio Estevez… you know she’s not gonna be in any of the sequels. Anyway, on a side note, in my head Charlie also looks like the kid from the Flight of the Navigator. …time travelers.

D2: The Mighty Ducks

This movie is all about what goes wrong when people sellout. I’m pretty sure it was targeted at my generation of DIY punk kids. The best thing was the bash brothers. Everyone kept saying, “That kid’s in high school?!?” in the film… which is funny because, that’s normally what you think when you watch movies. Only you put the phrase “supposed to be” in between the words “kid’s” & “in”. I don’t recall seeing the goalie from Bangor actually play. I remember her having a talk with the coach about it, but I don’t know if it ever actually happened. I’ll have to go back and watch it again. …and now I own it, so, it’s all good.

So here I am… two movies deep, looking down the barrel of D3: The Mighty Ducks. No Little Pete… no Charlie’s mom… and quite possible, no Maine goalie.

Stay tuned for my review of D3: The Mighty Ducks

Oh, and because blog posts need pictures, here’s a little DFL throwback I saw at Home Depot the other day…

Rowdy Knucklehead Mighty Ducks

…knucklehead nation is driving me mad.


Toilet Paper Magazine

Toilet Paper 01

I’ve been pretty stoked on this stuff lately, ever since pinterest introduced me to the art magazine, Toilet Paper Magazine. The colors are brilliant, the narratives are incredible… I’m going to order and issue or two as soon as I get paid this Friday. I think I found my new favorite piece of eye candy.

Enjoy some of this greatness while you’re here, and don’t forget to check out the links mentioned above for some more incredible collaborative artwork.

Toilet Paper 02

Toilet Paper 03

Toilet Paper 04

Concept and images by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Toilet Paper is Published by Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art.