New Music Friday 8/25

This week I was awestruck by a pleasant surprise on New Music Friday.

New Quicksand

Holy Shit! There’s a new Quicksand album coming out November 10th.

New Music from Quicksand

About a month ago, Genevieve and I went down to Boston to see the Melvins, and noticed that Quicksand was going to be coming through in September. As awesome as that would be (have been?) it was kind of exhausting driving into the city, and we’d gone in 3 or 4 times that week. So, we decided to pass. Either way, today on Spotify, they “dropped” the first song, Illuminant, from the new album… it’s already got over 18K plays, and the Boston show is sold out.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this song yet, but I have no doubt that the album (upon it’s release) will be nothing short of greatness. I’ve been a Quicksand fan for quite some time now, and it’s nice to hear something new from the band that has introduced me to so many new people over the years.

My pre-order for this long-awaited release has been reserved.

Random Highlights

Ayokay feat. Baker Grace – Too Young (youtube)
This track has all the clichés of what makes me think of what “new” sounds like…

  • soft voiced female lead
  • repetetive chorus
  • overstating the word young
  • blaming a lack of motivation on everything but yourself

Then it does that stupid scratchy-glitch thing with the vocal track, and after it ends (for some weird reason) the algorithm plays a Nerf Herder song (shrug) I’ve never liked that band, but I thought that was interesting. Either way, something about this track made me feel like it was to overall winner for the day.

You can find this track, along with a bunch of other garbage, in my Garbage Playlist on Spotify.

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