New Comics Day 9-13

It’s a pretty damn awesome lineup for comics this week!

Harrow County #25

Harrow County’s back with a new story arc with #25. Hard to believe I’ve been reading this one for a couple years now. I first picked it up with issue #5, and it’s been a pretty solid read the entire time. This is one of my favorite’s from Cullen Bunn, though The Sixth Gun is also worth checking out. Anyway, let’s see what else looked good this week…

Grass Kings #7

Another from today’s comic grab-bag I’m pretty excited for is the new Grass Kings. The first Tyler Jenkins book I remember seeing was Snow Blind. I bought the entire series before I read it because I was immediately impressed with that style of artwork. Tyler’s watercolors are beautiful. They have sort of a sketchy illustrative sense, like Jeff Lemire in a way, but a little more confident in his line work. In addition to that, Matt Kindt has written some pretty amazing stuff. Right now, I’m pretty deep into Dept.H (no pun intended), as well as Grass Kings. I think these guys work really well together, and I’m really excited to see more from Tyler in the future. Lastly, this week we were greeted with another addition to miss marvel. I feel like over the years I read less and

Ms. Marvel #22

Lastly, this week we were greeted with another addition to Ms. Marvel. I feel like over the years I read fewer and fewer Marvel comics. I thought it was kinda weird and they did a lot of normal everyday things with their superheroes. I did really enjoy the Vision books and this one though. Ms. Marvel is like watching a high school teen movie, with a lot of interesting multi cultural nods. It’s interesting seeing the stress of being a teenager and trying to maintain a second “secret life” as part of the Avengers. I guess it’s sort of like trying to be a Boy Scout and also be in public school. Which I remember having conflictions with as a youth.

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