It Came From the Bins – Activity Fun

I’m always excited when I find vintage coloring books at the bins, and on one of my more recent visits, I was lucky enough to find one that I consider to be amazing. It’s a book called Activity Fun, published by Whitman Publishing in 1968.


Just like other activity books of its kind contains pictures to color, instructions for games, crafts to cut out, etc. and the photography on the cover is pretty good too.

Drawings by Hazel Hoecker.

Hazel Hoecker is a published illustrator. A published credit of Hazel Hoecker is Myles Standish..adventurous Boy….childhood of Famous Americans.


It Came From the Bins – 2

Picked some pretty interesting “new” music today…

My first stop was the Bins, which is typically good spot to find old records. I’ve even found some really great LPs there from time to time. Not this time. There was some guy there indiscriminately grabbing everything, and yelling at everyone around. For fear they might break some of the records. Either way, I got away with:

  • a Hall & Oats album
  • Cat Stevens, the album about the cat.
  • a couple Linda Ronstadt albums
  • Johnny Rivers
  • Ina Gadda Da Vita (however that’s spelled) by Iron Butterfly. I had owned once before, but that was years ago.

Those were the few albums that were missed in the blind record grab. I can only imagine what great things I had missed out on. So, after that failed attempt, I stopped by the Salvation Army. …and they were closing in five minutes. I ran to the back and dug through their short stack with no avail ultimately deciding to stop by the local Goodwill on my way home.

Best decision I made all day. I came out with some pretty good stuff:

  • Buck Owens LP that we didn’t already have.
  • a Willis Brothers album I’d never seen
  • Fool on the Hill, by Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66. I’d had owned this album previously, but lost years ago
  • a Percy Faith album with one of the best album covers I’ve ever seen
  • a sweet 80’s rock compilation of great stuff like Ozzy and Krokus

The cover of the compilation looked like some super 80’s cheese, but the music on it was great. I listened to it multiple times over the weekend, and at this point I’m going to say that it was probably the best album of the overall pick. Compilation LP’s are always good, they’re like a stack of 45’s that you don’t have to flip every 2 minutes.

Fuck you record grabber guy, I just won the day!



It Came From the Bins 08/29

This week at the bins, I found a couple books of CD’s…

Misfits, AFI

…which are pretty worthless these days, but it’s not always about the money when it comes to picking. So, let’s talk about the nostalgia of compilations, weird music listening habits, and stupid things I think are cool for whatever reason… Sometimes the things that I never would have expected to have any value to me end up having some kind of worth when I stumble upon them in a different light.

2PacWhy I like CD’s

In this digital age I’ve tried over time to keep a decent record of everything I listen to online. I find it interesting to see what I was listening to heavily a few months back as well as what I may have been listening to a few years back. It’s also neat to see how much time I spent listening to music, or making music on certain days of the week. I was pretty addicted to the first time I saw the site, but it’s also good to have some guilty pleasures… and can’t track my CD player (or my record player for that matter.) So, bring on the garbage music…

Phantom Planet, Birdman

New Music Challenge

Over the years I’ve challenged myself to expand what I listen to by finding new music through unconventional means. This was another aspect of that I loved… and now the way I use Spotify. There have been a few other New Music Challenges over the years, but the most recent one involves the bins, and works a bit like this…

When I find CD’s (or records,) I just grab them indiscriminately, then I force myself to listen to them. All of them (…at least once.) In addition, I have a rule that I only allow found CD’s in my car. Nothing that I’ve paid new prices for… I feel like CD’s in the car usually get messed up or broken, so it’s a pretty good rule to have only CD’s that we’re extremely cheap be allowed to ride shotgun.

So here’s some interesting stuff that I found in my most recent trip to the bins…

Incubus – the album they came out with after S.C.I.E.N.C.E. that I (for some reason) always refer to as Pardon Me
Boo-Tay – This is a compilation, that may as well be a 2 Live Crew album. It does, however, have Hip Hop Hooray, which makes it amazing.
Poison the Well – I used to listen to these guys for a bit, here and there, back in the day… never got too into them, but this is the 2nd one of their albums I’ve found whilst picking, and I gotta say… I don’t know the names of any of it, but this is some good -ish.
Norma Jean – The cover is black on black, just like the music… the only thing I don’t like is 13 minutes into track 5. I’m wondering why any of these tracks needs to exceed 3-5 minutes.