New Music Friday 9/15

New music? At first glance, I’m seeing a lot of older stuff I’m somewhat interested in hearing; Foo Fighters, Weezer, Björk, Marilyn Manson… We’ll see though, it’s gonna take some time to wade through the rest of the bull–ish. Welcome to this weeks episode of New Music Friday.

Arrows – Foo Fighters

“I only write hits” I could tell in the first few seconds that this was something reminiscent of a time that once was. This song is great, it’s got this dark Gary Neuman feel… and the chorus is a typical Dave Grohl style thing.

Misbehaving – Labrinth

This song is pretty interesting, but it really makes the list because of the little breakdown in the middle. Reminded me of what you would think a church is like down south. With no A/C… in the summer… just sweating, and wishing you weren’t at church.

Beach Boys – Weezer

Ha! This guitar riff is so quirky… I thought this was Cake. I hate the Beach Boys though, I’d say that my favorite Weezer song about an old band was in the Garage, when they talked about Kiss. As far as the whole “nerd” thing talking about hip-hop stuff… I think it’s a little tired. What I would really love to hear is a new Rentals album.

The Last Of The Real Ones – Fall Out Boy

For a minute I thought there wasn’t really anything too terrible in todays mix, then this happened. Maybe I only remember the one radio song they had, but when did Fall Out Boy become an all out pop group? I saw them at the Shelter once and I swore they sounded like Bad Religion. It’s amazing how time works sometimes. This song is super generic… no Sir, I don’t like it.

Out of It – The Story So Far

I don’t know much about this band, but this is also pretty generic.

You’re The Best Thing About Me – U2 Vs. Kygo – U2, Kygo

I think this may win the garbage of the week… I couldn’t even listen to the entire song. It was like Bono was singing a strobe light to an epileptic ear.

Bust Down – Trippie Redd

Gross of the week. This is shit.


New Music Friday 09/08

This week leads off with a video by Sam Smith (whoever that is.) It looks like it was shot with a vertical cell phone, which is a look I’m not super into. Anyway, looking forward, there’s some interesting looking stuff by Beck and Foo Fighters on the list this week. Let’s forage on and see what’s good.

God, I wish I had a Nesbitt Honey Lemonade right now.

Dusk Till Dawn – Radio Edit – ZAYN, Sia

This is, also, not a song about a movie with a ridiculous plot twist. To learn more about what I’m talking about, click here.

No Limit – G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Cardi B

This song, might just win garbage song of the week. It had that cheesy No Limit style high hat at the start, which sealed the deal that I was in for something magic. Then the actual words started when I began to considered it. Then the girl started singing, and I’m pretty sure that this song is literally about being a prostitute (and it glamorizes it like crazy.)

Up All Night – Beck

Having listened to Beck since Loser first graced 120 Minutes, it’s no surprise that this was going to sound a lot different than anything he’s done in the past. My big surprise was that it sounded a lot like everything else. The beginning of this just sounded like any other pop music coming out these days… only, it was Beck’s voice for some reason. Either way, the hook is pretty solid, and it does have that dance-ability that we all know and love. I was just expecting a bit more of that “ahead of it’s time” thing.

Quicksand – SZA

I got pretty excited about this, because it totally sounded like muzak or vaporwave until it turned out to have vocals. Then it turned into some chopped & screwed garbage. Apparently, it’s from a soundtrack to an HBO series called Insecure.


New Music Friday 8/25

This week I was awestruck by a pleasant surprise on New Music Friday.

New Quicksand

Holy Shit! There’s a new Quicksand album coming out November 10th.

New Music from Quicksand

About a month ago, Genevieve and I went down to Boston to see the Melvins, and noticed that Quicksand was going to be coming through in September. As awesome as that would be (have been?) it was kind of exhausting driving into the city, and we’d gone in 3 or 4 times that week. So, we decided to pass. Either way, today on Spotify, they “dropped” the first song, Illuminant, from the new album… it’s already got over 18K plays, and the Boston show is sold out.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this song yet, but I have no doubt that the album (upon it’s release) will be nothing short of greatness. I’ve been a Quicksand fan for quite some time now, and it’s nice to hear something new from the band that has introduced me to so many new people over the years.

My pre-order for this long-awaited release has been reserved.

Random Highlights

Ayokay feat. Baker Grace – Too Young (youtube)
This track has all the clichés of what makes me think of what “new” sounds like…

  • soft voiced female lead
  • repetetive chorus
  • overstating the word young
  • blaming a lack of motivation on everything but yourself

Then it does that stupid scratchy-glitch thing with the vocal track, and after it ends (for some weird reason) the algorithm plays a Nerf Herder song (shrug) I’ve never liked that band, but I thought that was interesting. Either way, something about this track made me feel like it was to overall winner for the day.

You can find this track, along with a bunch of other garbage, in my Garbage Playlist on Spotify.