So, I had this dream -2017.01

In my first dream, I had to guest host an episode of Adventures in Design. Sort of a “Thanksgiving Special” episode where Genevieve and I were having Thanksgiving at one of her friends houses. All I remember was there was one point where just about everybody was naked except for us and a couple other people. There were probably about 15-20 people all together. The people who were naked seemed really upset that we didn’t want to do whatever it was they were trying to do. We ended up staying the night there in one of the spare bedrooms, and there was an opening in the wall that went right into an alleyway. We noticed because it had rained in a little bit, it was really weird.

So I Had This Dream
For my second dream, a couple of my Whole Foods friends got jobs working at Meijer. Of course, the Meijer was located inside of a mall directly across from the Whole Foods. I saw them walking into the store so I followed them in and we were talking about something I don’t remember. Probably work, seems fitting. Then I saw my grandpa, and he was standing along the aisle in one of the softlines departments, shaking peoples hands. My friend, Shannon, seemed to know him, so she walked up and he said “Hey, how are you?” He didn’t see me at first, but I followed around and I gave him a big hug and said “How are you? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”

At this point, I can’t remember what he said to me, but I remember that it was a question about my life. Something I had done somehow put him at peace with his. That’s the weird thing about dreams. It always seems like the most important part is the part that you forget. Which makes you think, did I forget it because it was so important? Or was it that important because I forgot it?

After that he immediately fell over dead and that he was wearing his own obituary pinned on his shirt like a name tag.