Went to Work in My Pajamas

…and for once, it wasn’t a dream. Enough about what I did today, lets get to some to top (insert whatever number ends up being here) lists. So…

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately
as far as music is concerned (according to & my memory of youtube and my broken phone.)

  1. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels
  2. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Vol. 1
  3. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2
  4. Killer Mike – Rap Music
  5. Bone Thugs in Harmony – E. 1999 Eternal
  6. Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
  7. Lamb of God – Sacrament
  8. Expire – Pretty Low
  9. RVIVR – The Beauty Between
  10. Nirvana – In Utero

I Want to Thank the Academy

…sometimes… I just want to throw this Mason Jar (probably copyright) full of Schlitz (definitely copyright) at the fucking wall.

So, I’m planning on buying a Mac Mini (stick your finger in a copyright) because eventhough a bunch of blogging tard-core monkey shiners call it an entry level mac (seriously?!?). I’ve checked out the specs, and…  it’s pretty much an iMac, only you don’t have to spend that extra $1000 on a monitor. You can buy a flat screen TV instead… or maybe I’ll mod it to my old dying intel iMac (which IS the last good thing Apple did.)  Sorry, but, phuck your iFone… I’m into quality… not rabid capitalism.

Seeing as how I’m a computer nerd, and a G.D.G.D. (Goddamn Graphic Designer!) I think I can figure out how to configure my files to be print ready, no mater what P.O.S. monitor I’m using. That’s why I killed my credit with an industry standard printer.

P.S. – I’m gonna use the money I save to pick up a large format scanner. I think it should help with the graphic novel I’m working on, among other random projects. Plus, fuck OS X for stopping Twain support after 10.5. Not cool.

P.S.S. – I love my iMac, but I hear the life span on NVIDIA iBooks is 3 years, and… no thanks. Go back to ATA.

Gimmie a couple months before you start to see new illustration work… I’m on a budget, and ready for cloud.


The Cold Touch of Death

So… I came home today, totally ready to put together a comic of a funny commercial I came up with on the walk home. Got home, took the dog out, remembered the I had set my illustration (for the illustration lottery) from last night on the keyboard… so it’s time to scan it, and update the blog. Computer has an error message that Mail can’t connect. I reset it, and it seems to be working fine. Go to scan the picture, and it says the scanner driver is corrupted. So, I download a new driver and install it, but with the same message… do a little research, and then decide that it’s a much larger problem than just the scanner. Run disk utility… shit is fucked. Looks like tonight will end with me backing up everything I need from the last 8 years, and having some beers. Here’s to not having enough money for a new computer… maybe I’ll be able to fix it with a reformat.


Lameness Ensues

Who the fuck knows if that’s spelled right… anyways… isn’t a word, but here’s what’s up:

  • Got a package from Blick… awesome ink/nib/bristol combo… I drew some good shit, I’ll post stuff as soon as I can get a copy that’s small enough to scan -or- a scanner that’s big enough to copy.
  • About to settle up an overdue debt I’ve had for a while… because I’m broke… it’s my gimmick.
    (P.S. – settling debts is totally against this, but I need to get something in order… Thirty-Three isn’t all about being a broke-ass.)
  • Ordered a drawing table from Blick… fuck to the yes. I’m pretty excited about having a table to draw at… I wanted to take a picture of my current desk (so that people could see that there was no room to draw.) Anyway, drawing desk is go.
  • Already composing a good list of on sale fonts that I’m all over… there goes next weeks check. Any feedback?
    • Streetscript Redux – beautiful looking handletter style. I can think of a million places to use it…
    • Castor – This is going to mix well with Harley ads…
    • Cabrito – This is going to give Verb a run for its money… not totally, but it’ll still work in different situations.
    • Brush Up – I love this… it’s so… textureless? It looks so good on a multitude of textures… even though it’s short on alternates (especially for the price.) It still looks really good, and I can think of a ton of uses…

Ok, sleepytime.



Both My Grammys are Dead

So… cartoons were good tonight, Bob sold out his family… Stan caught a case of the sleepwalker… I was able to make a beer run while Family Guy was flogging a dead horse. All in all, it seems the night is going pretty well. We flipped through the channels and found a postmortem Paul McCartney wave his mullet all over the TV with… I dunno, drumsyncing (?) over dubbed drumming by the original big nosed idiot Ringo Starr. Yeah… here goes the Grammys… fueled by Schlitz.

Then Metallica (however the fuck that’s spelled) ruined one of their own songs… which should only be a task reserved for poor covers played on super market radio stations. …and just when we thought it should be over… ol’ big lips from Aerosmith tried to sing a Smokey Robinson song, and I wanted to kill myself, but before that could happen Daft Punk won a Grammy… for some stupid fucking reason.

Here’s a picture of me throwing 40oz. bottles at the TV:


seriously, Green Day has a touring broadway show …this post is so fucking dead to me.


Working, Working… Working.

Ok, so… here’s a list of randomness that I’ve been working on, old school posting, BOOM! So here’s what’s up…

A Graphic Novel about Lonliness
I’m working on this with my friend Hans, I’m super into the story, but I’m not sure if I have the skills to make it look the way it should… anyway, we’ll see how it goes… I totally plan on making this happen. It’ll be super cool just to have done it in the end. I know it will be amazing no matter how I feel about my work in it. I am my worst critic by the way… here’s a super early sample:


The Nuns of Yore
I really wanted to do a Black Metal music project… just as a break from punk rock. I don’t really listen to much metal… I mean, I love Cradle of Filth, Slayer, Lamb of God, and a bunch of other metal bands that don’t have the same notoriety… I just don’t think that I have the gusto to write a non punk album (it’s really just a 2 song EP) that holds true to the metal that I love. By the way, I’m giving myself a 2 day window to research, write and record the whole thing. Let’s see what Thursday night looks like.

Harley Dealership Ads
Yep… that’s all I’m gonna say, I love making them… I don’t want to fuck with any copyrights though.

What the fuck?!?! …yeah… I’m going to start reading again, or at least just looking at the images in graphic novels and how they are illustrated. Bam! Wrapped it around to the first part of the post… ok, anyway… back to creating some new forms for my admin shift tomorrow. Later crocodiles…