Chili Mac

This shit is heavy as fuck… but super fuckin’ delicious.


  1. Boil the Mac
  2. Cube Cut the Cheese (and the Butter)
  3. Once Cooked, Drain the Cooked Mac
  4. Stir in the Cheese & Butter
  5. Once Melted, Stir in the Chili and…
  6. Cook that Shit Until Delicious is Achieved

So, the Chili that I used for this mix was one that I made in the Crock-Pot, 4 hours on high: From memory, i think it was:

  • 8oz. Tomato Sauce Can
  • 15oz. Chili Beans Can
  • 15oz. Diced Tomato Can
  • 15oz. Kidney Beans Can (Drained)
  • 2lbs. Ground Beef (Cooked & Drained)
  • 1 Diced Tomato (Hot House or Vine Ripe)
  • 16oz. Homemade, or In-House Beef Broth
  • 16oz. Water (to cut the broth, but if you use boxed shit… just use the whole 32oz.)
  • Caldwell County Chili (I Used the Traditional Red Box Mix)

…and like I said in the beginning, Crock-Pot, 4 hours on high.


Makin’ Bacon

So… more random practice on a new drawing technique(?)/style prepping me for longer runs of consistency at an acceptable pace. This one is a play on the Cooking Show video series I thought up a couple of years back, but never fully got around to finishing anything more than the theme song… maybe one day I’ll record that one for you. Anyway, without further ado, I give you… Makin’ Bacon:



Potato Salad (Take 1)

So what is in my Potato Salad (just in case it’s actually good)…


  1. 6 small Russet Potatoes (conventional, PLU#4072)
  2. 3 Hardboiled Eggs (diced)
  3. 3 Kosher Dill Spears (diced)
  4. 1/4 Cup Sweet Onion (diced, PLU#4166)
  5. 4 Heaping Spoonfuls (1 cup?) of Light Mayonaise
  6. 1 Heaping Spoonful (1/2 Cup?) of Sour Cream
  7. Spices (as needed, in order of amount) Salt, Bacon Salt, Dill Weed, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper

DIRECTIONS (in short)

Boil Potatoes for 20 minutes, remove, cool, cut into cubes. Boil Eggs for 10 minutes, dice. Add all ingredients to potatoes and stir until the desired consistency is achieved.