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Kids That Play DeadKids That Play Dead

This is a demo. It may not sound as raw as some basement demos, but seriously… half this shit (well, none of it really… ) isn’t even finished. This is essentially a handful of songs that I had been working on for Thirty-Three… I just happened to be into them in December of 2013… I put them together so I could listen to them, and decide what changes I wanted to make. It’s very Pucker Up… EXPLODE!. Here’s a rundown:

Tracks 1 & 9 were written around the same time… probably the same day. Why not? They pretty much sound the same, right… Track 2 was something we thought about writing during the Page Ten days, but never did. So I wrote it now. The vocal track is shit, sounds like talking… I’m still debating weather or not to leave it on the album… leaning toward not… Tracks 3 & 5 are BCR songs, re-imagined (whatever the fuck that means.) 3 is pretty close to the original (only it has words,) but 5 (I think I tried it in BCR and PUE) is quite a bit different, I’ve been messing with it for a while… I can’t think of how to do the vocals still. Track 4 I wrote in like 5 minutes after a night of drinking. Walked past this book store and thought… “Wouldn’t it be funny to own an antique bookstore that was called ‘Smells Like Old Books’?…” because it would… and it did… and I wrote a song about who the fuck knows and named it after this imaginary store.

Track 6 is a total scrap, but I put a lot of work into it (for some reason) no matter how much I worked on it… it sucks, skip it. Track 7 is probably the closest to a finished song on this album. It’s hitting all sorts of things I’m trying to accomplish here, it’s The Nuns of Brixton for this year. Track 8 is done… it’s a Nuns of Yore song now… and it still isn’t finished. It didn’t fit, it’s dead to me. It’s all dead to me… I’ll scrap it again and try again next year (call it Thirty-Four.)

  1. Guerllas By Night
  2. Whichest Rights?
  3. The Most Popular Clique in School
  4. Smells Like Old Books
  5. Gin & Tonic Sundays (Instrumental)
  6. Unicorn War Party
  7. Jenny Got Married
  8. Flowers for the Lady Who Got Hit On… By a Vehicle
  9. Depretiation Day


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