Kids That Play Dead – When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again? / The Final Hour

So, I was listening to Cacophony (Rudimentary Peni) a lot, and thinking about artists like Black Randy and Ten Pole Tutor… that cover on one of the old Rodney on the ROQ albums. Anyway, I wanted to make a song titled When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again?… but I wanted it to have this weird, snotty Sid Vicious doing My Way thing going on… anyway, I’ve dropped enough names here. It’s a punk song, but it’s not all thrashy like most of my other stuff (It’s pretty much a rip-off of Gentlemen Prefer Blood by Rudimentary Peni.)

As for the B-Side…  I used to (well, at least one other time I can think of) release a song on New Years… and… well… it’s been a good four years or so. I wrote and recorded The Final Hour in the last hour of 2013, making it the last song I would have written that year. Has a real Sonic Youth feel to it if you ask me. It took me a couple hours to mix (yeah… it’s been mixed [HA!],) but fuck it. It sounds cool.

  1. When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again?
  2. The Final Hour (DEMO)



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