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Pucker Up… EXPLODE! – What We Do Is Forever

A slapdash compilation of a lot of what I was working on for my 2012 album. I was never fully happy with it, but I just needed to put it out because what’s next will probably be a new direction. We’ll see though, there’s still a lot of material kicking around from the Pucker Up… EXPLODE! era.

** Click Here to Download the Full Album with Artwork **

  1.  Viva La Camcore (Pucker Up)
  2. The Lonesome Death of Sonya
  3. Pimp Cups & Diva Cups
  4. Dear John (or) Love Has No Chance for Survival
  5. The Nuns of Brixton
  6. Hey Look, Same Car
  7. All I Need is 40¢
  8. Fuck You, (faceless internet entity©), Get Out of My Life
  9. This is How We Get Things Done
  10. The Intoxicated Stranger and His Dog
  11. Just Like Last Summer (2012 Mix)
  12. Promises, Dreams, and All Things Broken
  13. M.G.H.T.S.
  14. CAMJET

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