I didn’t really feel like doing any drawing today, but I forced myself. I do it for the blog.. I do it for the love…. I do it for the 4 people that may actually read this in a couple months after daily posts. So, I still need a theme for Monday’s, but I had the whole Garfield idea, which was.. cats, lasagna, Monday, people who talk to their cat, boring comics, awkward humor… I rolled the dice, this is what I got. 

P.S. – I think the scanner isn’t working, so you get a photo, either way… Don’t feel like drawing? Force yourself, you’re only hurting your future. 


Just One More Question

Intending on taking weekends off as an illustration lottery theme. I spent the day doing dishes, grocery shopping and watching television. I also finished the first round of background projection videos, and worked on a new music project called hypnosistracks. Tomorrow we work with Wendy, tonight we sleep to anti smoking propaganda, right now we watch Columbo. Dream sketches in the morning? 



Remember when it was as simple as beating someone up? …or getting beaten up?

The freelance game advances… Possibilities of taking on five times the amount of work… First tax refund in 6 (really, 6!?!) years… Plans of using extra money to make premium versions of fonts. Things to look for in the future… Glasket Bold, Genevieve Hand (as an amazing freehand open type), extended ligatures & alternates on all currently free and “in progress” fonts. Daily (ha!) illustration posts. All at the expense of… less alcoholism… will the body of work hold up? Let’s find out.