Pucker Up… EXPLODE! – the AWOL e.p.


Pucker Up… EXPLODE!the AWOL e.p.

A long… long… year or so ago, I came up with this idea to put together a cover album. AWOL (pronounced OWL) was supposed to be 6 songs… 1 song representing each letter in the title (which actually each represent a person from my high school days) and 2 hidden tracks. I think I explained the idea (in a blog somewhere) back when I had it, but no one reads my blog, so fuck you… do your own research. A is Alice Cooper, W is Hole, O was supposed to be a Wipers song, L was Spider Virus, and the 2 hidden tracks were supposed to be Cake and They Might Be Giants.

Anyway, it ended up as a true B.C.Ragtime or Pucker Up… EXPLODE! album, lots of screaming, camcore samples, random noise and the miscellaneous “hip hop beat” song. Plus, if you know the original songs (or other peoples cover versions) it doesn’t really matter that you can’t understand what’s being said. (NOTE: I was making a thumbs up and looking at my monitor when I wrote that sentence… now we know each other on a personal level.)

  1. The Ballad of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)
  2. Credit in the Straight World (Hole)
  3. Brand New America (Spider Virus)
  4. Pretty Pink Ribbon (Cake)

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