So, I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends about the whole “adult swim” thing Fox has been doing on Saturday nights at 11:00. Seeing as how it’s Saturday at 11:00, I think I’ll post a couple videos related to it…

Golan the Insatiable is probably my favorite… it’s pretty awesome, and definitely has the ability to compete with a lot of other shows in the old school adult swim line-up.

Lucas Bros. Moving Company, is pretty funny… it’s not quite there yet, but each episode just keeps getting better and better. It’s still an amazing show, definitely pretty strange. Plus it has a lot of awesome 90’s references, black people and white cats.

That’s all I have to say for now, I’m taking the night off of drawing.


Both My Grammys are Dead

So… cartoons were good tonight, Bob sold out his family… Stan caught a case of the sleepwalker… I was able to make a beer run while Family Guy was flogging a dead horse. All in all, it seems the night is going pretty well. We flipped through the channels and found a postmortem Paul McCartney wave his mullet all over the TV with… I dunno, drumsyncing (?) over dubbed drumming by the original big nosed idiot Ringo Starr. Yeah… here goes the Grammys… fueled by Schlitz.

Then Metallica (however the fuck that’s spelled) ruined one of their own songs… which should only be a task reserved for poor covers played on super market radio stations. …and just when we thought it should be over… ol’ big lips from Aerosmith tried to sing a Smokey Robinson song, and I wanted to kill myself, but before that could happen Daft Punk won a Grammy… for some stupid fucking reason.

Here’s a picture of me throwing 40oz. bottles at the TV:


seriously, Green Day has a touring broadway show …this post is so fucking dead to me.