The Nuns of Yore – 2 Days Off Demo


The Nuns of Yore2 Days Off Demo

Somehow I got this idea in my head that I could make a metal album in my 2 days off. This is what I came up with… it’s not metal, it reminds me more of the old Page Ten 4 Track Games sessions we used to pull. Track 1 is like the intro… Track 4 is another demo of a PUE song that was too metal for any of those albums. The rest of this mess is just me, listening to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and King Diamond… only, in this phase… somehow… I’m not sure how… but, It sounds more punk than a lot of my other stuff.

Track 2 is a weird mess of scratch vocals, mixed with samples I found on YouTube of church shootings… you see, the concept for the EP is that nuns and priests are fighting like gangstas. Drive by baptisms with 12 gauge spray… foolishness like this. Track 3 is about a real murder where a priest was convicted of killing a nun. I wanted it to be sort of offensive, and a bit funny. I think it’s too funny… but in bad taste. It should sound like it’s more serious than it actually is. I have not given up on this project. The Business EP is coming…

  1. Straight Outta Convents
  2. Psalm 187
  3. Rule of the Spear
  4. Bad Habits & Broken Flowers

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