The Terror Affair – 2005 Demo


The Terror Affair – 2005 Demo

This has to be the ultimate lost album I’ve ever made. I don’t ever remember making it. I was probably 24 when I made this… I was sober… I was listening to a lot of Relapse Records stuff… making drum loops on the computer… I would record everything through this mic I got from Radio Shack. Drum loops coming out of the computer, guitar plugged into an amp, and doing vocal tracks… then I would layer it more tracks of the same thing.

To me the most interesting thing about this album is that fact that only 3 songs are under 1 minute.

  1. Best Foot Forward
  2. ta12_
  3. ta14_
  4. ta15_
  5. ta16_
  6. One in Seven Wins
  7. ta18_
  8. ta19_
  9. ta23_
  10. ta24_
  11. ta26_
  12. ta27_



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