31 Days of Horror Fonts 2021

31 Days of Horror Fonts is my self-inflicted October creative challenge that leaves me with a boatload of potential typeface ideas that may be worth finishing. But will they? The concept is simple: I’ll draw 31 different horror-related words or phrases in 31 days. At the end of the month, I count up the likes and whichever post has the most, will get made into a typeface.
You can follow the action on my Instagram page, and vote for your favorites. Read on for a few more additions from last year, and if you want to read more about past years’ challenges, check out the 2019 and 2020 pages.

The Post with the Most, Babe

  1. Throughout the month of October I’m going to post some lettering every day based on an October drawing challenge prompt. Basically, I’ll be making my own Frankenstein prompts based on these awesome lists:
  2. Cast your “Vote” by double-tapping or liking that days post. Liking a post counts as one vote for that days prompt. Vote as many times as you like, I’m not checking anything other than which post has the most likes at the end of the month.
  3. At the end of the month, the post with the most likes will get made into a typeface. I’ll create a font based on the lettering used in whichever post has the most votes. I usually also create fonts based on more than one of these because sometimes you just get really into it… and I like creating fonts. That shouldn’t derail me from completing the 31 Days of Horror Fonts though.

Will I Survive?

The prompts I make up as I go, so there isn’t really a prompt list. I’ll be posting on this page throughout the month, but I might not always be on it every day. You can always check out my Instagram page for the most up-to-date posts. I’m trying to do some more videos on YouTube, so with any extra time, I’m going to try and put some process videos up on my channel. So, like and subscribe, but in the meantime… here’s the ever-growing list:

  1. Skulls
  2. Persuit
  3. Witch House (video)
  4. Devil’s Knot (video)
  5. Varmen (video)
  6. Fungus Moon
  7. Teenage Werewolf
  8. Feral Kids (video)
  9. Horror Boogie (video)
  10. Blood Mummy (video)
  11. Zombie Sour (video)
  12. Poisonest (video)
  13. Bad Guy Lagoon (video)
  14. Chain Song (video)
  15. Spellmet (video)
  16. Prick Logic (video)
  17. Clampire (video)
  18. Bone Splitter (video)
  19. Local Girls (video)
  20. Shrunken Head (video)
  21. Monster Scum (video)
  22. Wicked Bats (video)
  23. Ghoulenstein (video)
  24. Insectoid (video)
  25. Sea of Graves (video)
  26. Fangenstein (video)
  27. Wolf Mania (video)
  28. Snake Boy (video)
  29. Horrorific! (video)
  30. Slither (video)
  31. Trick or Creep

Previous Winners

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Grindhouse Revenge – 2020 Winner

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Skate Bait – 2019 Winner

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