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Introducing Knuckle Duster, a typeface that exudes raw, unbridled character. This Slab Serif font marries the rugged essence of the wild west with a contemporary edge. Its distinctive, bold letterforms stand tall, each stroke hewn with a hint of rebellion. The edges are roughed up, evoking a sense of time-worn authenticity, while the slight touch of grunge texture adds a gritty allure.

With Knuckle Duster, your designs will command attention, delivering a punch of boldness that speaks volumes. Whether you’re conjuring visions of rustic frontier landscapes or infusing modern projects with a rugged aesthetic, this font is your steadfast partner in typographic storytelling. Elevate your creations with Knuckle Duster and let its untamed spirit leave an indelible mark on your visual narratives.


  • Raw, unbridled character: Knuckle Duster is a Slab Serif font that captures the essence of the wild west with a contemporary edge.
  • Command attention: Knuckle Duster delivers a bold punch to your designs, making a statement and speaking volumes.

Additional Information

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