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Skate Bait draws its influence from classic Italian horror film posters, but is presented in a more light hearted and modern way. It’s perfect for books, zines, posters, skateboards, packaging… anything you want to give that 80’s skate-punk feel. Kickflip that shit up a notch.


  • OTF & TTF file formats
  • WOFF/WOFF2 & EOT file formats (webfont license required for use)

31 Days of Horror Fonts

In October of 2019, I made up a bunch of fake movie titles and made logos for them. I called the project 31 Days of Horror Fonts, and posted one each day on Instagram.

People who follow my account voted for their favorites, by liking and commenting… I then proceeded to make the most popular logos into complete typefaces.

Skate Bait finished in 1st place with 28 votes (likes) and was published on the 3rd day of the project.

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