So… I Know I’ve Been Wondering

As promised, I’m trying to keep up on the blog. Here’s what’s been up in the world… yesterday (anticipating my day off today, and bored by new years shenanigans) I drank a bunch of beer and gin, shaved my beard, cut my hair, wrote a blog (that I didn’t post,) and wrote a song. Karen and I had decided on the title a couple weeks ago. It’s called When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again? …I think we just really wanted a song with that title, the song itself didn’t really matter, but in keeping with this weird new style of song writing, I present the sixth (it was a busy day of rerecording) demo version of…

Kids That Play Dead – When’s Paul McCartney Gonna Die Again?

Perhaps when it’s finished (or if people actually listen to it,) I’ll post some of the more early demos.


The Final Hour

I don’t really ever recall staying up super late on New Years partying to see the ball drop. Sure I’ve done it a few times… when I was younger, like high school age maybe. I remember staying up so that I could reset my watch with the “master clock” and therefore be on time for the rest of the year. Soon after came college, and it was all about getting fucked up beyond recognition… maybe try and get a New Years kiss from a young lady. These nights, especially near the end of my college career, ended in me blacking out some time after 10:00PM and researching my cell phone the next day to see if I even stayed awake passed midnight.

In recent years I’ve seen the change of a year like the rollover on a cars odometer… or maybe more like a time stamp that a notary would place on something that you did, verifying that it was completed by a certain date. Nothing really changes in your day to day life… I used to make up resolutions, but let’s face it… I really like to smoke cigarettes and drink beer. I don’t see myself stopping because some lame annual holiday happened again. Recently, I’ve enjoyed trying to write one last song of the year. Usually it ends up being a song that I end up working on until 2:00AM… so maybe it’s actually the first song of the new year. Whatever. It’s usually a song about resolution, countdown or change… but it’s still always fun and motivating to give yourself such a constrained time limit.

Anyway, this year I had been toying with the idea of doing something, and at around 10:56PM I went outside for a cigarette and got the idea for a musical progression in my mind. Recorded all the guitar, bass, drum samples and vocals before the countdown… then spent another 20 minutes trying to make a composition out of it without actually rerecording anything. That being said, this doesn’t sound anything like anything I’ve done in years, it’s actually a lot closer to something I might have done when I was 15… it’s got a bit of Sonic Youth influence if you ask me, not too bad for 2 hours from concept to demo. Anyway, here it goes… Happy New Year.

Kids That Play Dead – The Final Hour



Remember When Life Was Eazy?

Here’s a random sneak peak at on of the latest sketches for the Thirty-Three album cover. Note that a lot of the imagery involves fire, knives, and… pretty much everything else that normally finds it’s way into my artwork. Either way…

I’m done drawing for the night, but here’s the first intro sketch…


…and the first rough.



Jenny Got Married

Here’s some shit I’ve been working on…

Jenny Got Married
I’ve been pretty excited about this new track I’ve been working on… well, it’s not really that new. I started working on it back in October, but it’s come a long way and I finally put down the initial scratch-vocal track so I can plan out how I want the lyrics to be. I went about it the same way we used to compose songs for Eat Muthafucka Eat back in the day.

The Illustration Lottery
I didn’t really win shit, but a lottery is kinda random… and so are my illustrations (that’s why I can’t stop making them.) A couple of weeks (weeks?) ago I came across a bunch of free books. I’ve been cutting them up and doing illustrations on the pages, it looks a bit like this:


This Blog
This year I’m gonna actually try and put some more work into this blog. I know I say that every year, but without any other personal sites to work on… I don’t really have any excuses. Let’s get this 2014 shit going.


Made a shit ton of pulled pork in the Crock Pot today… no more buying lunch at work for us.

When life gives you Extra Virgins, make Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Unicorn War Party

Taking a brief break from work to get started on the new 2013 album. Trying to think up a new name for the album and for song titles, here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve got so far.

  • All the Praise
  • Cannibal Handleman
  • Unicorn War Party
  • 40oz. Ninjas
  • The Tallest Man Alive
  • Cartoon Fish Parade
  • Olympic Restathon
  • NO=E

More to come later, as for now. I’m going to start putting some demos together for later. Perhaps this year we’ll get back into blogging (heard that before.)


John Gacys Day Parade

So, I had this idea… Soundcloud will explain:

So, I was walking home from work yesterday and got this idea. The Thanksgiving 3-Pack: 3 new songs with a holiday theme, jam-packed with a bunch of stupid fucking samples stuffed into the play length of a 7″ record… total fail. Either way, I think I hate how this album turned out, but what can I say, written, recorded and mixed down all withing a 30 hour period (not to mention I was sleeping, clean the apartment and cooking a Thanksgiving meal in that time as well.) I guess it’s not all that bad. Happy Thanksgiving, maybe someone will enjoy this.

Here’s some lyrics:

Everywhere I Go I Love You
You will never come
To celebrate your history
Culture stomped out
Assimilate to Christianity
Lined up in a parade
Thanking Gods  for mistakes you made
Commercializing what put your dreams in early graves
We walk the streets today to hide dark history
We’re so good at genocide, nothing will ever change
Gather all, and celebrate their fall
Our crooked culture shocked a world that hates us all
Love can’t save us, no, love can’t save us
Love can’t save us now

We look so stubborn
Waving banners on the TV
Sponsored by companies
Who’s interests exploit our needs
We should have never, forgotten our history
Cultures have fallen before when people succumb to concede
We think we’ll never separate
We’re too good to lose
What good is a man with a culture?
The answer is, he’s better than you

Baby Jesus Brand Cigarettes
I am thankful for:
The Guidance of TV
Product labels that falsely lead
People dying in the streets
Unregulated marketing
The illusion of safety
Inflated prices on gasoline
Profiteering from incurable disease
Just cut the fucking bird

I swear I do other things. Maybe painting coming soon. Let me get some good photos together. Here’s a link… Later yo.


The 6th Day

Ahhh… finally the end of my 6 day stretch at work. Also, the title of the Arnold movie that Dalton was trying to think of the other day (at least, I think it is) …anyway… tomorrow is all about website revisions for the Boydell sites, mainly Bouzouki. We’ll see how all of that goes… I’m going to have to do quite a bit of digging to try and find where some of that old stuff is hiding. However, tonight is mine, and I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy a 6 pack of Hop Notch. I had some spicy rice crackers that sort of spoiled my pallet, but I can still taste that this beer is not nearly as bitter as I had originally hoped it would be. It’s still pretty good nonetheless.


Sandy Preparations

So, we’ll see how this hurricane Sandy plays out the next couple days… if we lose power it could make for a very lucrative Sketchbook Friday! As far as work goes, I’m going to be in the middle of 6 day stretch all the way through the storm, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit of time in between to make these Boydell site update, and get some fun photos posted to this lame-o blog and make it seem a little more like a website. Anyway… off to work.


…and it goes a little something like this, hit it!

Tomorrow is going to be the first in a number of up and coming Sketchbook Fridays… hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the whole blogging thing again. I’ll be having to keep up on a multitude of emails at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to use this to keep up on my typing skills. Here’s a random ideas (I’m sure I;ve written it before somewhere, but now it’s official.)

Fortune Cookies

So, a couple of months ago I came up with an idea to make fortune cookies with Dr. Dre quotes as fortunes. The only one I could think of… er, actually the best one I could think of was “If you dis Dre, you dis yourself.” Now, I’m pretty sure that is actually a Snoop Dogg quote, or someone else… however, it fits perfectly as a fortune cookie. Then the quote led me to another great idea…

Propaganda Posters

So, here’s a brief rundown of the idea. I’m going to do these all minimal color like a screen printed poster, but probably assemble the final piece a four-color print. Anyway, …and it goes a little something like this, hit it! The original phrase from the fortune cookies is the main idea behind the posters. Imagine, a poster next to the time clock at work… there’s a picture of a stressed out guy making a b-line for the time clock, and a caricature of Dre behind him. The copy reads: “Punching in late, is like calling Dr. Dre a bitch… you’re only dissing yourself!” …another one above a stove might go a little something like (this, hit it!)… a picture of a stressed out cook holding a burnt steak with a bunch of tickets piling up, and the Dr. Dre caricature (again.) Copy: “Burning dinner is like calling Dr. Dre a buster… you’re only dissing yourself.” Take it in… the posters will be available after I finish the first shirt design.

That’s all for now kids… stay tuned for tomorrow.