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Product Description

Enchanted Chainsaws is reminiscent of horror comic titling from the early 1950s. A jagged all-caps design with slender features and tight kerning helps you fit your type into deep dark spaces. Like nightmares perhaps? Don’t stop there, Enchanted Chainsaws works with posters, album covers, movie titles, apparel, logos, YouTube covers, comic books… anywhere you use fonts.

Enchanted Chainsaws, come to think of it, the initials are a bit familiar, speaking of classic horror tales… not to be cryptic. Enchanted Chainsaws will cut through your design work like butter.


  • Includes OpenType and Truetype formats.
  • Both print and web formats provided (additional webfont license required for web use)
  • Updates to fonts are free of charge. Download new updates and bug fixes at absolutely no extra cost!
  • Perfect for anywhere you use fonts!

31 Days of Horror Fonts

In October of 2019, I made up a bunch of fake movie titles and made logos for them. I called the project 31 Days of Horror Fonts and posted one each day on Instagram. People who follow my account voted for their favorites, by liking and commenting… I then proceeded to make the most popular logos into complete typefaces.

Enchanted Chainsaws was conceived during 31 Days of Horror Fonts 2019.

Additional Information

Some fonts may require special graphic design software to access OpenType features. Examples of these programs are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, and Corel Draw. Feedback is always welcome. If there is anything missing from our typefaces that you would like to see, or if there are any issues that occur when using them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or email me at nick@remedy667.com and let us know.

Visit remedy667.com/EULA for standard license information.

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