Connected Script Fonts Title, by Remedy667

Connected Scripts

June 18, 2021 |

So, I’ve been building typefaces for a while now, but I’ve never made a serious (or even a half-hearted) attempt to create a connected script. I’ve had it explained to me several times, watched videos on YouTube and Skillshare, and even paid for some online lessons. Whether it was because I was too disengaged or for some other reason, the information never “took.”

Remedy667 Absender "Tomorrow's Typeface, Today!"

Absender Pro is now available!

November 23, 2018 |

Seven years ago, the brave folks at Remedy667 released a typeface that would become their most downloaded to date, Absender. Originally released in the spring of 2011, Absender, was designed as a mono-spaced display typeface. We speak briefly with its creator, Nick Polifroni, about the font.

Remedy667 Zine Time Photocopy Typeface - Version 2 featuring over 200 Glyphs

Font Update – Zine Time 2

November 14, 2018 |

Version 2 of Zine Time is live and available for purchase. New from Remedy667, comes a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of the font that pioneered the Xeroxorcist series. This update introduces a lot of new glyphs into the set, bringing the total over 200.