36 Days (of Type) Later

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This year, kind of at the last minute I decided to join in on the fun of #36DaysofType. I did each letter based on a horror film, and I had a lot of fun… Also, to my surprise, I actually finished it on time.

I had a lot of doubts at first whether or not I would be able to take on such a challenge in a timely manner, but I did it. During this challenge I was able to complete 3 fonts I had been working on for a while, which also made me very happy.

In fact, I had so much fun that I immediately (also ridiculously last minute) joined in on the fun of the #100DayChallenge. I’m still figuring out a theme, but I’ve been messing with procreate animations, so it’s just been a bit of that so far.

Monster and horror influenced, of course… but I’m open to requests.

My original plan was to have a little poem that went with each letter, and for the most part I finished them (see my instagram page for info). I had hoped to put together a zine when I was finished.

I’m still planning on putting together a small zine, but it will depend on how much time I have to put it all together, now that I’ve started another massive project.

Either way, keep an eye out for this zine in the future. I haven’t decided on print or PDF yet, but either way any information will be available here. Talk to you soon.

Font Update – Zine Time 2

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Version 2 of Zine Time is live and available for purchase. New from Remedy667, comes a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of the font that pioneered the Xeroxorcist series. This update introduces a lot of new glyphs into the set, bringing the total over 200.

  • Diacritics for multilingual support
  • Updated kerning
  • All New title cards

Check it out on Creative Market, or Creative Fabrica.

Look out for more updates in the near future… more kerning, and some bonus extras. Also, Absender Pro, an old favorite from dafont.com back in the day… coming soon.

Zine Time is it gritty sans serif display face derived from old newspaper headlines that have been photocopied and photocopied and photocopied and… It’s perfect for zines, advertising, basically anything that you want to have a worn worn photocopied look without having to bother with the fax machine, or photocopier. I use it to make store circulars because of it’s bold letterforms.