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Instant Sinner. The new terror in handmade horror fonts is here. Drawing inspiration from vintage sci-fi and horror propaganda, Instant Sinner will shock you… when you see how good it looks on title cards, posters, shirts, and any other merchandise to promote your project. Loaded with discretionary ligatures and alternates characters. Throw down some scratch, and see if your next project is an Instant Sinner.

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Screature will shock you. Never before has your screen experienced such horror… such terror… as Screature. Inspired by classic Hollywood films of Fanged Frankenstein’s from the Deep and hand drawn in Maine, America’s horror capital. Screature will breath new life into your designs, projects and products. Screature. Get it… before it gets you.

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Ghost is a complex ethereal typeface variant created using a variety of methods you can read about here. When used at a small point size it appears slightly scratched or weathered. While as a headline it displays pockets of halftone beautifully woven into organic feeling decomposed letterforms.

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Birthday Massacre

For my birthday, I would like to eat a meatloaf cake with my friends… and I want to design a font that looks straight out of a 1980’s Slasher film.

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