31 Days of Horror Fonts

31 Days of Horror Fonts is my self-inflicted October creative challenge that leaves me with a boatload of potential typeface ideas that may be worth finishing. But will they? The concept is simple: I’ll draw 31 different horror-related words or phrases in 31 days. At the end of the month, I count up the likes, or “votes”, on each post and whichever has the most, gets made into a typeface.

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The Post with the Most, Babe

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  2. Cast your “Vote” by double-tapping or liking that day’s post. Liking the post counts as one vote for that day’s prompt. Vote as many times as you like, I’m not checking anything other than which post has the most likes at the end of the month.
  3. At the end of the month, the post with the most likes will get made into a typeface. I’ll create a font based on the lettering used in whichever post had the most votes. I usually also create fonts based on more than one of these because sometimes you just get really into it… and I like creating fonts. That shouldn’t derail me from completing the 31 Days of Horror Fonts though.

Will I Survive?

This year, I’ve decided to make a list of prompts at the beginning of the month. Like other years, posts are

  1. Spook Shack
  2. Gore Girl
  3. Ghost Kitty
  4. Monster Party
  5. Calypso Witch
  6. Wolf Moon
  7. Teenage Slayer
  8. Miss Magician
  9. Pulling Teeth
  10. Gruesome
  11. Feast of Flesh
  12. Electric Youth
  13. Undead
  14. Kandy Corn
  15. Cemetary Station
  16. Beast Maker
  17. Straw Man
  18. Burn Baby Burn
  19. Bone Daddy
  20. East Ghost
  21. Blood Vision
  22. Shrieker
  23. Slime Time
  24. Partly Dead
  25. Fang Club
  26. X-Spectre
  27. Retroween
  28. Fright Night
  29. Spectre
  30. Scarytale
  31. All Hallows

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