31 Days of Horror Fonts

Here’s a quick rundown of how this is going to work…

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  1. Check my Instagram each day in October, I’ll be posting a new made-up film title on my Instagram based on the Inktober 2019 prompt list.
  2. You can cast your “Vote” by double tapping or liking that days post. Vote as much as you like, I’m not checking anything other than which one has the most votes at the end of the month.
  3. I’ll create a font based on the lettering used in whichever made-up film title has the most likes.

I may also create fonts based on more than one of these, because sometimes you just get really into it… and I like creating fonts. Hopefully that won’t derail me from completing the 31 Days of Horror Fonts….

Will I Survive?

The Daily Rundown (aka the modified prompts):

  1. Ring of Death
  2. The Mindless!
  3. Skate Bait
  4. Don’t Look in the Freezer
  5. Hell Builder
  6. Husky Frankenstein
  7. Enchanted Chainsaws
  8. The Frail
  9. Monster Swing Party A Go Go
  10. Splatter Pattern
  11. Coming Soon…

Check back often for more information, and don’t forget to “Vote”!