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R667_Barth_Artboard 2 copy 3-80

A Bit About Barth

Date April 15, 2022
Where did it come from? In 2019 I made up my own drawing challenge to coincide with the other popular October drawing challenges on Instagram. I followed the prompt list…
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Giallo Italiano NEW FONT RELEASE

Date September 7, 2021
A Bit of Background Earlier this year I had been on a kick of watching Giallo films or having them on in the background and listening to their soundtracks. During…
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Connected Script Fonts Title, by Remedy667

Connected Scripts

Date June 18, 2021
So, I’ve been building typefaces for a while now, but I’ve never made a serious (or even a half-hearted) attempt to create a connected script. I’ve had it explained to…
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Franklinstein is HERE

Date August 24, 2019
Gearing up for October I’m proud to announce my newest font release, Franklinstein. I’ve been planning this one for a while, and it’s got some pretty cool features: (more…)
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Absender Title Card

Absender Pro is now available!

Date November 23, 2018
Seven years ago, the brave folks at Remedy667 released a typeface that would become their most downloaded to date, Absender. Originally released in the spring of 2011, Absender, was designed…
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