New Font – Skate Bait

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Skate Bait is a retro throwback display font, perfect for projects in need of that 80’s or 90’s aesthetic. Skate Bait has a heavy, hand-drawn consistency and features extended character sets for multi-language support.

In October of 2019, I made up a bunch of fake movie titles and made logos for them. I called the project 31 Days of Horror Fonts, and posted one each day on Instagram.

People who follow my account voted for their favorites, by liking and commenting… I then proceeded to make the most popular logos into complete typefaces.

Skate Bait finished in 1st place with 28 votes (likes) and was published on the 3rd day of the project.

Skate Bait is now available for download at the following sites:


Creative Market


The Hungry JPEG

Franklinstein is HERE

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Gearing up for October I’m proud to announce my newest font release, Franklinstein. I’ve been planning this one for a while, and it’s got some pretty cool features:

  • 12 Standard Ligatures for more variation
  • OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF & WOFF2 files for Desktop and Web
  • Handbook for Usage with a super cool cover, drawn by yours truly
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Happy Valentines Day! This year instead of shelling out a bunch of cash for license Valentines Day puns, use ours… FREE! As a special gift for all of our visitors, we’re giving out FREE Alien Invasion Valentines you can print out yourself.

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Absender Pro is now available!

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Seven years ago, the brave folks at Remedy667 released a typeface that would become their most downloaded to date, Absender. Originally released in the spring of 2011, Absender, was designed as a mono-spaced display typeface. We speak briefly with its creator, Nick Polifroni, about the font.

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Font Update – Zine Time 2

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Version 2 of Zine Time is live and available for purchase. New from Remedy667, comes a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of a copy… of the font that pioneered the Xeroxorcist series. This update introduces a lot of new glyphs into the set, bringing the total over 200.

  • Diacritics for multilingual support
  • Updated kerning
  • All New title cards

Check it out on Creative Market, or Creative Fabrica.

Look out for more updates in the near future… more kerning, and some bonus extras. Also, Absender Pro, an old favorite from back in the day… coming soon.

Zine Time is it gritty sans serif display face derived from old newspaper headlines that have been photocopied and photocopied and photocopied and… It’s perfect for zines, advertising, basically anything that you want to have a worn worn photocopied look without having to bother with the fax machine, or photocopier. I use it to make store circulars because of it’s bold letterforms.